There are a plethora of WordPress themes providers and companies around the world that focus on creating WordPress themes. There is a vast selection of both free and so-called premium WordPress themes.

When it comes to free themes, I recommend the WordPress themes repository with over 7500 themes. All themes are reviewed and checked, so they do not contain malicious code or other suspect malware.

With premium WordPress themes, it is not as easy to point in any direction. There are lots of premium WordPress themes providers out there. I know it’s not easy to choose between all these theme providers. But keep on reading, help is on the way.

Furthermore, it is no easy matter first to select a theme provider and then also find a suitable WordPress theme. It is also very time-consuming. If you purchase a theme, you want it to be perfect for your specific purpose and direction.

With a premium theme that costs $ 50 or more, you can’t dismiss it as quickly as a free theme because it’s a lot of money spent. You want value for your money.

Free or Premium WordPress Themes – What to Choose?

What to Choose - Free or Premium WordPress Themes?

The question you usually ask yourself is whether to use a free or premium theme? Hard to choose? I’ll list some pros and cons for both free and premium themes soon.

First a warning – If you are considering using so-called Nulled WordPress Themes, forget it. It is pirated versions of premium products. Never use these versions of premium themes. Read our article – 7 Legit Reasons Not to Use Nulled WordPress Theme to find out more.

Here are some comparisons between free and premium themes. As you can see, there are both pros and cons to both types of themes.

Free WordPress Themes


  • The most significant advantage, of course, is that the themes are free.
  • Free themes from the WordPress theme directory have passed a formal review process and have been checked that they do not contain suspicious elements or malicious code.


  • Limited or no support. You are usually on your own.
  • Limited functionalities and features.
  • Usually without documentation

Premium WordPress Themes


  • More features and more opportunities to customize a theme.
  • Regular updates and support. Less stressful situations.
  • Usually, proper documentation and forums.


  • Sometimes includes too many features (theme bloat).
  • Sometimes not following code standards and include poor code.

Still hard to choose?

In today’s article, I have compiled over 125+ with premium WordPress themes providers.

Hopefully, the list can help you a bit on the road when it comes to finding a great free or premium WordPress website design from all suitable theme providers.

I will continue to add new WordPress theme providers when I find some new ones. So stay tuned for more updates.

125+ Best Premium WordPress Themes Providers

CompanyPremium ThemesFree ThemesPricingAffiliate Program
Anariel DesignYesNo$59 - $199Yes
AccessPress ThemesYesYes$44 - $299Yes
Acme ThemesYesYes$49 - $249Yes
aThemesYesYes$59 - $249Yes
Artisan ThemesYesNo$129 - $389Yes
AppThemesYesNo$69 - $199Yes
Ample ThemesYesYes$49 - $249No
Apollo13 ThemesYesYes$39 - $199No
AcademiaThemesYesNo$75 - $175Yes
Asphalt ThemesYesYes$39 - $99No
AlxMediaYesYes$49 - $199No
AlienWPYesYes$59 - $149Yes
Aquarius ThemesYesYes$49 - $59Yes
A WP LifeYesNo$59 - $99Yes
Blogging Theme StylesYesYes$35 - $85Yes
BluchicYesNo$79 - $129Yes
Blossom ThemesYesYes$49 - $99Yes
Catch Themes YesYes$44No
Church ThemesYesNo$129 - $299No
Code ThemesYesYes$49 - $149Yes
CodeVibrantYesYes$59 - $199No
CPOThemesYesYes$59 - $99Yes
CSSIgniterYesYes$49 - $249Yes
CyberChimpsYesYes$27 - $97Yes
Cryout CreationsYesYes$49 - $175No
CrocoblockYesYes$39 - $299Yes
Dessign.netYesYes$39 - $69No
EngineThemesYesNo$49 - $89Yes
Elegant ThemesYesNo$89 - $249Yes
Everest ThemesYesYes$32 - $599No
FameThemesYesYes$99 - $299No
FlothemesYesNo$279 - $699No
FreshThemesYesYes$19 - $99Yes
GretaThemesYesYes$49 - $149No
Grace ThemesYesYes$29 - $79No
Gorilla ThemesYesNo$39 - $79Yes
Gabfire ThemesYesNo$59No
Graph Paper PressYesYes$99 - $399Yes
HappyThemesYesNo$39 - $99Yes
HermesThemesYesNo$125 - $275Yes
HeroThemesYesNo$149 - $199Yes
HashThemesYesYes$55 - $60No
Humble ThemesYesYes$69.99No
iThemesYes - ToolkitNo$799 - $1999Yes
InkThemesYesNo$79 - $249Yes
Jewel ThemeYesYes$29 - $59 No
KairaYesYes$15 - $26No
LipodeYesNo€99 - €149No
LThemeYesYes$39 - $59Yes
MH ThemesYesNo$49 - $99 Yes
MyThemeShopYesYes$19 - $99Yes
Magazine3YesYes$59 - $249Yes
Macho ThemesYesYes$59 - $99Yes
Nayra ThemesYesYes$49 - $299No
Nimbus ThemesYesYes$49 - $99Yes
NorthemeYesYes$49 - $79Yes
Organized ThemesYesYes$15 - $85Yes
Offshore ThemesYesYes$39No
PixelEmuYesYes$39 - $119Yes
PankogutYesYes$25 - $69No
ProteusThemesYesNo$79 - $498Yes
PremiumcodingYesYes$55 - $125Yes
PixelgradeYesNo$85 - $498Yes
PremiumPressYesNo$85 - $249Yes
Press75YesYes$29 - $99No
Quema LabsYesYes$39 - $249Yes
Rara ThemeYesYes$49 - $299Yes
RichWPYesYes$69 - $279Yes
Restored 316YesNo$75Yes
Rough PixelsYesYes$49 - $99Yes
SKT ThemesYesYes$39 - $99No
SketchThemesYesYes$49 - $79Yes
Solwin InfotechYesYes$29 - $59Yes
Sparkle ThemesYesYes$49 - $55No
Station SevenYesNo$69Yes
SuperbThemesYesYes$89 - $249Yes
StudioPressYesNo$59 - $499Yes
ShowThemesYesNo$89 - $189Yes
TeslaThemesYesNo$58 - $299Yes
TemplateMonster YesYes$45 - $231Yes
Themes KingdomYesYes$49 - $247No
Template SellYesYes$34 - $49No
ThemeAnsarYesYes$32 - $59No
Theme ArileYesNo$59No
ThemeFarmerYesYes$35 - $39No
ThemeGrillYesYes$69 - $249No
Theme JunkieYesYes$99 - $199No
ThemeLooksYesNo$29 - $59Yes
Theme 404YesYes$39 - $59No
ThemetryYesNo$69 - $99No
Themes by bavotasan.comYesYes$39 - $199No
Themes EyeYesNo$39 - $99No
ThemesCaveYesYes$9 - $99No
ThemeForestYesNo$29 - $69Yes
ThemeisleYesYes€39 - €99Yes
ThemelyYesYes$37 - $67Yes
ThemeinWPYesYes$49 - $499No
ThemeumYesYes$79 - $199Yes
Theme HorseYesYes$55 - $99No
ThemeHunkYesYes$51 - $149Yes
ThemeFuseYesYes$49 - $199Yes
ThemifyYesYes$59 - $249Yes
ThemematticYesYes$49 - $59No
Think Up ThemesYesNo$30 - $85Yes
Theme RallyYesYes$49No
Thrive ThemesYesNo$67 - $228Yes
ThemeTrustYesNo$49 - $58Yes
ThemeZeeYesYes€59 - €179No
ThemezlyYesYes$49 - $149Yes
Themes4WpYesYes$49 - $169No
Wbcom DesignsYesNo$69 - $99Yes
Viva ThemesYesNo$39 - $99Yes
Wow ThemesYesNo$39 - $89Yes
WeblizarYesYes$11 - $129Yes
WPZOOMYesYes$69 - $299Yes
WPKoi ThemesYesYes$39 - $40No
Yudlee ThemesYesYes$55No
7theme.netYesNo€69 - €199Yes
8Degree ThemesYesYes$48 - $199Yes
96ThemesYesYes$35 - $40No

Wrapping UP

As I mentioned earlier in the post, finding great WordPress themes providers can be a difficult task, and maybe even harder to find suitable WordPress themes. However, don’t give up. Using the list above, you can be sure to find awesome WordPress themes with high quality.

It is my list of 125+ with premium WordPress themes providers for 2020. If I have missed any WordPress themes providers, please leave a comment with your tips, and I add them to the list. And, if you ask my recommended theme for WordPress, I would suggest you buy the Elegant Themes and grab the Divi discount code to claim their maximum offer.

The only requirement for a WordPress theme provider to be included in the list is that they provide and sell premium WordPress themes.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” It means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.


Peter is the founder of WP Pluginsify. He is a big fan of WordPress and loves to write about WordPress. You find him here at WP Pluginsify all the time! Cheers!


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